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This week Women Connect are shining the spotlight on Maskini Masks.

Maskini Hackney Homemade Health Masks started as an idea of two creatives living together during the lockdown when they realised that they had a sewing machine at home which they could use to make something which everybody needs now - cute, fashionable and eco-friendly face masks.

How are the masks made?

My talented partner Areti is making these masks with so much patience, she sews all three layers (two layers of breathable cotton blend (74.6 % protection) + fusible fleece on the inside which serves as a filter to not let any virus, bacteria or bad vibe through. The masks have tie-able straps and a nose wire to fit snug with your face. The 4 straps, unlike the usual ear stretch are way more comfortable and can be adjusted to any hair style or accessories. It takes us a little bit longer to make them but at least people will enjoy wearing them more.

How much do they cost?

All masks are £8, except the denim reversible one which is £10. 

We saw that you’re donating to Women’s Aid, can you tell us a bit more about that?

We decided at the very beginning of the project that we are donating 10% of our profit monthly to Women's Aid charity organisation who deals with domestic violence. We have noticed an increase in domestic violence in statistics and news and want to help women feel safe and offer support at these uncertain times. Our flatmates were really helpful during our shooting and helped us out by modelling. Everything is sort of organic - made by just the people living together, not to mention people purchasing off us will allow the NHS access to the medical grade masks which they need more than us. 

As masks are reusable and washable, it also is an ecological way of people staying protected without using disposable plastic. We are delivering free locally - in Hackney and posting UK / internationally.

Can you name one thing which being in lockdown has taught you?

Lockdown has taught us to be more patient with one another and definitely helped us to reach our potential as driven and creative women. We also have realised the importance of community, a true blessing and privilege, that we couldn't be more grateful for.

Name an artist you haven’t stopped listening to:

In lockdown we have been listening to our dear friend and incredible musician, Thando, and her new project Seazn on repeat!

Which would be the first restaurant you head to once social distancing is all over?

We have always been a fan of our Stokey neighbour Steph's Cuisine and we can't wait for her first post-pandemic pop-up. In the meantime, she is making and delivering amazing Mexican vegan meals so we've been in luck.

To support or make a donation to Women’s Aid head to:

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