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What's it like to interview celebs? Natty tells us all...

Lous & the Yakuza, Koffee, Beabadoobee, & Megan Thee Stallion are just a few artists you've had the pleasure of working with recently, would it be true to say you're one step ahead of everyone when it comes to discovering the next big artist? Haha flattering but not at all! Especially over the last year, I've found it increasingly difficult to discover new artists organically to be honest. Usually however I tend to focus on just writing about and championing artists that I truly enjoy and that feel exciting and unique, big or small. We can see that you were formally the assistant music editor for gal-dem magazine, can you tell us a little bit about gal-dem and what they do? gal-dem is an incredible organisation/collective/movement, aimed around centring and uplifting the voices of women and non-binary people of colour, in editorial, events, campaigns and beyond. I owe a lot of my career to them. A self-described music, arts and culture commentator, curator and creative, what does one get up to when not being a total boss lady? What do you like to do let's say, during a pandemic, for example? Lol! To be clear I am the boss of no one, not even myself. But I would say my pandemic hobbies include resting, reading, binge-watching, cooking, eating, doing my hair, spending time with family and taking pictures of sunsets. You've written artist biographies, what is it like to get to know someone on that level who is otherwise out of reach to so many people? I love writing biogs because they just feel so relaxed and open. But I would also say that ultimately, artists are just regular human beings you know. The best thing about biographies for me is actually that you just get to learn and talk to another human being about their life, loves and dreams basically. As cheesy as that might sound. It's like the world's most professional one-sided date. If you didn't choose to pursue a career within music, what do you think you'd be doing right now? Hmmmmm, I think I'd either be a philosophy professor, a therapist or a film director. Some might describe your job as a "dream job", what advice would you give to someone who aspires to have a similar path? I'd say, don't dream of labour. (just kidding!) I would say, just get started. If you want to be a journalist, just write something. Even if no one reads it. There is literally no reason not to take that first step but it'll be by far the scariest one. The most important thing you can do - other than study your craft endlessly - is actually putting yourself out there. From there, practice, collaboration and mentorship makes perfect so keep doing it, get out there and meet other people like you, work together with your peers to grow and never be afraid to ask for help. If you could only listen to three albums for the rest of your life, what would they be? What a cruel question. Channel Orange by Frank Ocean, Carrie & Lowell by Sufjan Stevens and Telefone by Noname Any tip offs on some new names you think we should all be listening to? Some Black women who are the future: Gaidaa, Alewya, Yseult, Tora, Rachel Chinouriri, Ami Faku, Ayra Starr, Sally, HAWA, Tems Finally, who are you inviting to your ideal dinner party, living or deceased? You can pick 5 people!

Okay off the top of my head because otherwise I'll overthink it: Barry Jenkins, Timothee Chalamet, Tierra Whack, Frank Ocean and Audre Lorde.

Huge thank you to Natty for chatting with us!

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love,

WC x

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