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This week Women Connect chat with the faces behind Non-Viable jobs. You may have seen their witty captions when sharing job ads already. Last year was a devastating time for the live entertainment industry. Kitty and Soph, had some unexpected free time and wanted to try to help people who'd found themselves facing sudden redundancy due to Covid restrictions.

So tell us a little bit about what you do, and where the idea came from?

Last year was devastating for all who work in live music, and both myself (Kitty) and industry pal, Soph, had some unexpected free time. We wanted to do something that would help people who'd been made redundant, to be matched with new jobs. And the rest is basically just us enjoying ourselves with it.

It started from us coming across jobs and thinking we definitely know someone who could ace that, and then that grew to maybe LOTS of people need to see these. We found we had a talent for searching cos it was a case of would I want to do that/could I think of someone who would want to do that. We both know the industry so I think that helps.

There is a lot of talent that has been lost with redundancies within the live industry during the pandemic and shouldn't be wasted. Whilst coming across new opportunities, we found that there are so many transferable skills which our industry could take advantage of whilst on their new job search.

Who's the brains behind the captions? They definitely bring so much humour on LinkedIn which was looking like an "open to work" graveyard a couple of months ago.

The captions are just us having a bit of fun with it. Job searching is so stressful (especially at the moment with EVERYONE looking) so there's no reason why it shouldn't be fun. And a little encouragement in it too.

It's great to be able to choose our own tone. Coming from working for companies where you adopt the company's aesthetics to writing what we want and curating the jobs we post. Like can we trash on Tom Cruise? Can we say our favourite dinosaur…?

Some might say you've been a life-saver during the pandemic, how many success stories have you had so far?

Soph: I think we know of two? Kitty is it two? Hopefully it’s more than that. We’re EXTREMELY into people telling us they get a job on NVJ.

Kitty: We’ve only heard of two so far. Who doesn’t want to know that people have got jobs with marshmallow laser festival or pokemon? We like good news stories.

What's your favourite job you've had?

Soph: The one I have now, but minus covid. Before this, I was doing a bunch of different things freelance, and it’s kinda nice having a bit of that back at the moment, like not having to get dressed and being able to go to the sains in the daytime, but having co-workers and some structure is really good for me. All the ‘follow your dreams’ ‘be your own boss’ hustle culture stuff sounds good, and I had some fun times, but turns out I’m a crap boss, bad at self-promotion and I hate doing my own tax. Gimme a rolling chair, office lols and someone above me to learn stuff from and I’m pretty happy.

Kitty: The one before covid too, past tense. It was a dream.

Has NVJ helped you personally?

Soph: Best lockdown hobby by far, and it’s nice to feel like we might be helping or trying to help in some way.

Kitty: Been lots of fun and given me focus whilst being furloughed/not in work.

What advice would you give to someone who has recently been made redundant and isn't feeling quite so positive about job searching just yet?

Soph: I have SO MANY strong and uninformed opinions about job hunting but I reckon the big one is that the people reading your CV are just people and who knows what random bit of info or type of person is going to appeal to them. Apply early, apply with the confidence of a double rum and coke and if they don’t pick you then that’s on them. It’s gonna be OK.

Kitty: Its not you. Its Covid. Just Keep Applying. Even if you can’t do all of the criteria, apply anyway.

What's next for Non Viable Jobs? Could this be your calling?

Soph: ooooh dunno. I like shows! Also slight issue of NVJ not actually paying anything so as a calling, it’s a bit crap. But it’s not NOT my calling, and I get to work with Kitty which is maybe the best thing about it. Definitely no plans to stop, anyway.

Kitty: Same. My hearts in venues and ops. But its tons of fun and the best in lockdown. A good back up when live music eventually goes over the cliff. It won’t. It’ll be fine.

If you could pick your dream job, what would it be?

Kitty: Robyn’s tour manager obvs

Soph: Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife

Where can people find you? We want aaaall the links!

Huge thank you to Kitty and Soph for sharing their story with us.

Lots of love,

WC x




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