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So tell us, what is Not Another Podcast? What’s it all about? Who’s behind the scenes?

Not Another Podcast is yes….another podcast hahaha. It's bi-weekly with us - Kym & Bryony. We’ve wanted to start a podcast for a while and eventually decided to bite the bullet. We thought lockdown was the perfect opportunity because we didn’t have much else to do! We wanted to create something fun for people to listen to, whilst also creating a platform for people to share their own stories and experiences.

We love that! Lockdown has given people the creative freedom we otherwise didn't have time for. It's also lovely to hear the bond between the two of you. What’s your story?

Well we actually met at uni where we both studied Events Management. I(bry) actually didn’t like Kym when I first met her hahaha. BUT I saw the light obviously & we have been friends for about 8 years now.

That's hilarious. Well it sounds like you have a lot in common.

In your first couple of episodes you've discussed Michaela Coel’s I May Destroy You, backpacks on tubes and wedding planners. What can we expect to hear about next?

A lot more of our pet hates will be discussed! I think it’s our favourite part of the episodes, we could go on forever. We have an episode coming up with a focus on mental health, our aim is to get a good balance between serious & casual light heart hearted chat. Please let us know if anyone has anything cool to say though, we are open to topics so get in touch! @notanother.podcast on insta or email us -

We love the pet hate theme, it's so funny how relatable it can be.

On that note, can you name 3 things you would lock up and throw away the key if you could.

Bry – This is hard, can I answer more than 3? 1. People who eat too much garlic & smell for days after. 2. People who race you to a seat on the train. 3. Erm... people who think he’s and his are the same word. I can't bear it.

Kym – God, where do I start?

1. Ok, so pigeons would be one for me ofc, there is not one positive thing for me to say about them.

2. When people park right next to you when the car park is empty.

3. Aaaannnddd unapologetic lateness.

Do you have any exciting guests joining you in the future?

What, apart from you lovely ladies? 😉 We do, but you will have to listen to find out.

We can't wait to join you for an episode! Let's talk about the name, Not Another Podcast,it's great! Who thought of it and where did the idea come from?

Thank you! Glad you like it .. it was Kym's idea. She was brainstorming and literally thinking about how there are so many podcasts out there, we'd said people are probably thinking 'urgh not another podcast....' then the inspo came from there.

Have a new venture you want to share with us? Get in touch at

Lots of love,

Women Connect x

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