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"a Black owned Eco-friendly and Holistic Hair Care Brand"

The Beauty industry’s answer to saving the environment by using less packaging and more holistic methods to remedial self-care has arrived!

Okelani Beauty launches it's first hair care product ‘Abundance Hair and Beard Oil’ It's a scalp therapy and growth oil, crafted with the abundant feeling of love, tranquillity, power and packaged to sustainable perfection.

Abundance Hair and Beard Oil uses ingredients that help replenish length, regrowing thinning areas on your scalp, aid with dandruff and itchiness and adds shine & strength to hair.

The all-natural ingredients are vegan all friendly and against testing on animals. Personal aromatherapy is amplified in the brand and this shows throughout the smell of the product and our other items, such as the scalp massager, our handheld silicone scalp scrubber for relaxation and hair stimulation. It increases hair thickness and hair growth by stretching the living hair follicle cells and stimulating them to produce thicker individual hairs.

CEO and Founder Natasha Osei @okelaninyla said:

Okelani Beauty was founded through my extensive knowledge of natural remedies, I combined my cultural influences (hailing from Ghana) and my desire to embrace the versatility of Black hair, giving customers an experience of restoring growth in the most natural and sustainable way. I believe in dedicating to the pursuit of higher quality and great suitability in all, challenging industry standards and practices at every stage of the production process.

I believe that our efforts are just the beginning to ensuring that we as a community, do our part to better the environment. I understand that there is more that we can do and look for new ways to improve this. I am dedicated to continuously improving our sustainability practices and setting new industry standards. I am proud of our successes and motivated by the knowledge that there will always be areas where we can push further. Our customers’ trust means everything to us, which is why we are committed to transparency about our materials, sourcing and manufacturing practices.

I am a firm believer of giving back my knowledge in order to empower others. The idea that hair care can indeed be a fun routine and there isn’t a need to have excessive products that weigh down your crown is a necessity. Simply stick to natural methods to take care of your crown, mind, soul and body.

Okelani Beauty is dedicated to the pursuit of higher quality and great sustainability in all that we do, challenging industry standards and practices at every stage of their production process.

A 2020 report by Recycling Bins found that it takes less energy to recycle glass than it does to make new glass from raw materials. In addition, they added glass is 100% recyclable and can be reused over and over again, without losing quality.

As a brand invested in for-seeing the survival of the environment, Okelani Beauty offers a refill system on all our products instead of replacing them. We encourage customers to send back their glass bottles and receive 20% off their refills. Our customers' progress is tracked with a loyalty card which would be sent in their original packaging, and prizes would be rewarded for doing so. For example, a free bottle after 6 butterfly stamps. By refilling your beauty products instead of replacing them, you are helping us as a brand contribute to a significant reduction in remaking glass and packaging waste.

We use our platform to help both men and women develop their hair knowledge, hair growth process, self-care and self-love acknowledgements, especially during the quarantine period. Every Monday, a newsletter is sent out to customers with Monday Morning Affirmations new product updates and protective styling look books.

"Remedial self-care designed to redefine beauty" is the slogan Okelani Beauty lives by. Through holistic solutions, Okelani stimulates individuals to release and let go to truly connect the mind to the soul. Embracing sustainable living whilst being beautiful.

We had a great time catching up with Natasha, check out Okelani Beauty and support a Black owned business!

Lots of love,

WC x

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