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Power Up announces participant programme

Power Up was set up and is managed by PRS Foundation in partnership with YouTube Music, Beggars Group and the Black Music Coalition. The initiative brings together several music industry partners across all sectors to accelerate change. Women Connect are really excited to be part of the wider community supporting the new venture which aims to break down barriers to create a fairer, more equitable music industry, to achieve better representation in all sectors of the UK music industry, and to amplify the work of Black creators and industry professionals.

Power Up has announced the opening of its participant programme application process for this ground-breaking new initiative. Black music creators and industry professionals have one month to apply to the programme, with the application deadline set at Wednesday 10th March (6pm) - APPLY HERE.

Ambassador Sabrina Washington added, “It’s an absolute honour to be part of the PRS Foundation Power Up Movement. Having been in the music industry for over 20 years, I truly believe the future is now and Power Up will be at the forefront of inspiring a whole new generation of artists”.

The UK Music’s 2020 Diversity Report found that only 7.8% of the music industry workforce surveyed identified as Black (35.05% of Ethnic Minority respondents). In a survey conducted by PRS Foundation, out of 400 Black applicants to a 2020 deadline, 78% said they had experienced racism within the music industry. 90% agreed that there is a lack of visibility of Black industry professionals in senior roles, and 69% agreed that music funding is less accessible for Black talent. These statistics are just some the many reasons why the resourcefulness of this movement is needed.

To bring about meaningful and lasting change, public solidarity is not enough. It must be followed by commitments, accountability and action. We are here for the responsibility and duty the new initiative is pushing, it is truly time to Power Up!

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