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ROCK TO ROOTS - The Music industry’s first dedicated health supplements.

The Music industry’s first dedicated health supplements has arrived!

Rock to Roots launches first tailored alternative remedies to tackle health problems common in creative industries and exacerbated by Covid uncertainty – depression, anxiety, low energy and insomnia.

Late nights, long hours, pressure to succeed and strains of touring are a hard cocktail for artists and staff in the music industry. A 2019 report by Record Union found 73 per cent of independent musicians experienced stress, anxiety and/or depression.

The impact Coronavirus has had on live music means musicians and professionals working within the industry are now facing new stresses. Whether that be from job insecurity and uncertainty or the mad rush of postponing and cancelling tours they've been working on for months in advance. Whilst the talent are still waiting to get back on the road, musicians have heightened stress from worry, late night recording & writing sessions and a rollercoaster of a mental state; never has it been so important to look after ourselves.

Here at Women Connect, as five individuals who work within the music space, we can totally relate to the Rock to Roots mission. It can be a totally exhausting environment when networking, attending multiple live concerts in one evening (my personal record is 4 live shows in one night...), and meeting expectations of high profile clients. Switching from this lifestyle to suddenly being shut down as a result of Covid with no date set when we can return to normal, was an utter shock to the system.

Rock to Roots tailors vitamins, mineral and alternative remedies to help deal with stress, boost energy and improve sleep.

Founder Stephanie Brennan said:

“ROCK TO ROOTS HEALTH BOXES were formed from personal experience working within the music industry. I saw and felt how tough it can be to take care of yourself whilst trying to keep up with a grueling schedules. Late nights spent in the office, endless events, parties, pollution, and technology – it’s hard to keep a strong body and stable mind with so much going on.

“I decided I wanted to make a difference and to help artists look after their bodies properly, so they don’t have to keep cancelling shows or arrangements due to exhaustion or ill health. But of course, it’s not just the artists that suffer. It’s all the hard workers behind the scenes too – without them the music industry we all know and love, simply wouldn't exist.

“For the quality of life we all deserve, we need to invest in our bodies and minds for the better. Just one small change to your daily routine can help make a real difference to our wellbeing. For those who work hard and play hard, whatever your job, Rock to Roots is essential for you too. It's time we started waking up to feeling good again.“

• High quality supplements, organised into 3 boxes;

• Each box contains 28 days supply of supplements divided into daily take-away sachets

• Available on subscription and one time purchase

• Designed for the Music Industry made to support everyone who needs it the most.

Lots of love,

Women Connect x

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