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How quickly did that come around? June has arrived and once again it brings the opportunity to celebrate LGBTQ+ people, culture, literature, film, tv, podcasts and everything in between. We have now celebrated Pride for more than 50 years. The start of the modern LGBTQ+ liberation movement in the 70s, is celebrated worldwide with parades, club nights, concerts, drag brunches, queer comedy and thousands more independent Pride events have sprung up over the years.

Why June? This is so that the events are generally honoring the foundational Stonewall Riots in which took place in June 1969 in Manhattan, New York.

Today, Pride is an opportunity to educate and grow our knowledge of queer culture & history, and what that looks like today. With TV shows such as It's a Sin, and POSE recently shedding a much needed light on the horrifying realities of the AIDS epidemic in both the UK and USA in the 80's.

Celebrities, Elliot Page, Demi Lovato, are currently using their fame as platforms to raise awareness for the transgender & non-binary community and educating their fans. Pride in 2021 is bigger than ever before, and as the world awakens to the beauty that's within it, we're seeing a change in mentality and approaches to accepting everyone, no matter their gender, pronouns, race or sexuality.

You can get clued up on queer culture with hand-picked suggestions from Raven @ Women Connect:


Things to watch:

Artists to listen to:

Podcasts to tune into:

Literature worth a read:

LGBTQ+ Mental Health Charities and Organisations:

Lots of love,

Raven for Women Connect x

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